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    BV Jagadeesh is a successful serial entrepreneur, Angel Investor and a Philanthropist.

    BV Jagadeesh

    Managing Partner, KAAJ Ventures


    BV Jagadeesh is Managing Partner at KAAJ Ventures. He has successfully invested and guided companies such as Nutanix (IPO), Yodlee (IPO), Arkin (acqd: VMWare), Elastic Box (acqd: Century Link), NetMagic Solutions (acqd: NTT), Ocarina Networks (acqd: Dell) and Ankeena (acqd: Juniper) to name a few.



    Before founding KAAJ, BV Jagadeesh served as a founding investor and CEO of NetScaler. NetScaler pioneered the concept of Application Delivery and was successfully sold to Citrix for $325M and served as Group VP and GM for Citrix's Application Networking division. Prior to Netscaler, he co-founded and served as CTO of Exodus communications in 1993 that pioneered the concept of Internet data centers. He was instrumental in the successful IPO of Exodus in 1998.


    Currently Jagadeesh is an active investor and serves on the board of several SiliconValley StartUPs. He is also an adjunct faculty at the Leavey School of Business, SCU. 


    Jagadeesh is also very actively involved with several non profits for the betterment of the world such as UVCE Foundation - providing scholarships to deserving students, One School At A Time - Constructs School buildings for the under privileged, Akshaya Patra - providing mid day meals to 1.6 Million children everyday.  




    Nutanix Enterprise Cloud combines the agility and simplicity of the public cloud, with the security and control you need in a private cloud. Built on the industry’s leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology, it integrates compute, storage, virtualization and networking in a full-stack solution that runs nearly any application.  What We Do



    Unifying Applications to provide Single Pane Glass on both Mobile and web - Series A

    Mobile Force

    Data Analytics for SAAS - Series A


    Mobile End to End solutions

    Info Stretch

    Complete Hospital management solutions in India - Seed Investment


    Enterprise Cloud Services

    United Layer

    Co-Creation of next gen infrastructure companies

    The Fabric

    Data Analytics for Energy Markets



    Fully Self Powered Outdoor physical Security and Compute

    V5 Systems

    Deception-Based Threat Detection

    Attivo Networks

    Build College and Career Readiness by Engaging Students

    Maia Learning

    Experience world Carriers to test Mobile Apps


    With a rapidly increasing attack surface, measuring the real breach risk across the enterprise is a significant challenge. Balbix automatically and continuously calculates risk and provides a clickable and searchable heat map.


    Delivers Efficacy, Efficiency and Elasticity for Enterprise Security Operations.

    Prismo Systems

    At Lavelle Networks, we have a vision to build enterprise networking platforms which embrace SDN, create powerful high-performance software functions, enable high-speed & safe consumption of cloud computing.

    Lavelle Networks

    Our mission is to help researchers and clinicians unlock single-cell biology to enable the discovery, development, and delivery of precision medicine.

    Mission Bio

    EmpInfo, HQ in Silicon Valley, is a marketplace that provides access to employment records when lenders, pre-employment screeners, government agencies, apartments, and other authorized verifiers want verify someone’s employment or earnings data, online (24×7). It helps employers to offload their administrative burden and risks of dealing with unknown 3rd parties and provides a better and service to their employees, securely and instantly.

    Emp Info


    Your finances at fingertips - Seed Funded in 1999. IPO'ed 2014



    Datacenter Solutions for India Market - Seed Funded in 1999. Acqd by NTT Comm in 2013


    Acquired by NTT Communications

    Multi Media app delivery - Series A - acquired by Juniper in 2012


    Acquired by Juniper

    Storage optimized through highly efficient data compression algorithms - Series A - Acquired by Dell in 2012

    Ocarina Networks

    Acquired by Dell

    Seed Funded in 1999. Acquired by Pearsons. Household name for educational K-12 content provider in India.


    Acquired by Pearson

    Later on acquired by BYJU's

    Seed Funded in 1999. President & CEO. Acquired by Citrix in 2005 for $325M


    Acquired by Citrix

    Founder; IPO in 1998. 40% of Internet content flowing through Exodus Datacenters.



    Arkin Net

    Acquired by VMware

    Elastic Box

    Acquired by CenturyLink

  • Developments

    Although these companies have not been financially profitable for KAAJ, they have been a great learning experience that can be applied to future investments. The typical reasons for not being profitable are product-market fit, the market not being ready, and/or insufficient technology availability.

    ScaleArc enables continuous availability of apps and accelerates the journey to the cloud. ScaleArc’s database load balancing software abstracts apps from the data tier, so organizations of all sizes can shield applications from database downtime and improve application performance with no code changes. ScaleArc simplifies running database workloads in the cloud, enhances DBaaS offerings, and speeds development of new cloud-native apps..

    Scale Arc

    Cloud Velox

    Acquired by VMware

    Woxi Media, a leading edge technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, is focused on bringing world-class Internet products and software applications to consumer markets around the globe.

    Woxi Media

    3Leaf Systems


    Acquired by Declara

    iNDx Lifecare